Phentermine diet pills

Okay let’s cut to the chase of one of the most important questions regarding Phentramin-d. What most people want to know is this:

What diet pill would win in a battle between Phentramin-d vs Phentermine?

So how do each compare to the other?

Let’s take a look…


It’s no surprise that there is an ever-present need to lose weight all around the world and, well, it’s pretty obvious.

Obesity has been plaguing the world for centuries and people have been trying to figure out solutions on how to battle this serious addiction/disease. Some may even call this an addiction as it shows people have an obsession to eating.

This addiction stems from a compulsive need to eat, may it be caused by many different things such as depression, boredom, or just an ever-growing habit of stuffing

their mouths senselessly with fatty foods and sodas.

What is actually more tragic is that there are millions of overweight people who refuse to do anything about their situation. They get depressed because they look into the mirror and see their belly flab so as a result they eat some more because they get depressed.

While there are those who do not seem to want to fight this disease, there are those in the other end of the spectrum who do so successfully.


People exercise and diet tirelessly just to be able to regulate their body fat to a minimum. It is a hard fight indeed as we all know.

The strain of exercise and diet can take its toll on people, especially their moods, well-being and health. Some people who want the extra edge their battle resort to diet pills as a means to their weight loss end, as they suppress appetite and boosts energy levels for peak performance.

Weight loss pills such as Phentramin-d by Lazarus Labs and prescription strength Phentermine both do this, but they are each at different ends of the spectrum; one is a legal over the counter supplement and the other is a pharmaceutical. So which one is better?

Well, let’s take a closer look at the debate of Phentramin d aginst Phentermine…


Phentermine, also known as Adipex, is an FDA approved weightloss drug that has been available since 1959. Like its counterpart, it is an appetite suppressant that affects the central nervous system in such a way that your hunger is suppressed.

Phentramin-d on the other hand, is a legal, over the counter weight loss supplement that is manufactured in FDA regulated facility and is intended to produce effects similar to its prescription counterpart.

One Helps Burn Fat As Well

Both of these products work by helping to release certain chemicals in the brain that help to control your urge to binge.

The difference between the two in performance is that Phentramin-d doesn’t work exactly the same because it contains ingredients that help to boost your energy levels.

This way, you get all the benefits of an appetite suppressant with the addition of a fat burner as well.

Exercise and Diet is Still Mandatory

With both of these diet pills, even though Phentermine is a powerful prescription weight loss pill, they still must be used with a proper diet and an exercise regimen, as it will help you lose body weight more effectively.

The idea is that taking these diet pills initially to kick start a new lifestyle for an obese individual has been proven more beneficial than diet and exercise alone.


The reviews from the weight loss community will attest to the fact that both of these weight loss pills successfully promote weight loss by suppressing your appetite effectively.

They make it easy for you to limit the amount of food that you consume daily by helping you to be in control of your appetite and replenishing nutrients and boosting

your body’s energy levels.


Phentermine Ingredients

Phentermine Ingredients

Phentermine Hydrochloride is the only active ingredient in the prescription version. It is known either as an “anorectic” or “anorexigenic,” which actively suppresses the appetite. It is a white crystalline powder that is soluble in both water and alcohol. The chemical product is phenyl-tertiary-butylamine hydrochloride.

It is good for people with illnesses such as hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes. Phentermine gives you more focus and energy to burn fat as you exercise more and eat less.

Phentramin-d Ingredients

Phentramin-d, on the other hand, contains a proprietary blend of pharmaceutical grade ingredients that not only help to suppress your appetite, but also to boost your energy levels and help to increase thermogenesis.

These ingredients include 222mg of the following:

2-Phenylethylamine (PEA)

1,3.7 trimethylxanthine



Yohimbine HCL

This is why I think that even though it is an over the counter supplement, it serves a better overall purpose. The inclusion of Yohimbine HCL is alone worth the price of the supplement.

RECOMMENDED: For a more in-depth look at the ingredients of Phentramin-D read our review here.

What do These Ingredients Do?

The bottom line is that you will no longer have the same cravings for pizzas, burgers, meatball subs, hotdogs, and whatever else junk food that people love to indulge in like you did before.

The reality is, these are the main choices of convenience foods for the obese and over-weight. Instead of these foods (junk) giving you positive energy needed to be active, it makes you lazier to move.

With both of these weight loss supplements, it is quite easy to keep the intake of calories into the body and as such, you are able to lose your excess weight easily.


Phentermine Safety


One side effect that both of these products have been known to bring about is insomnia. Both Phentramin and Phentramine are very strong energy boosters much like caffeine so they can deprive your body of sleep, especially if taken at night.

The correct time to take these weight loss pills is in the morning and early afternoon so that the effectiveness can be maximized throughout the activities in the course of a day.

Dry Mouth

Another side effect that both of these products may product is dry mouth. This minor and most common side effect happens when users fail to constantly hydrate themselves properly.

These are both very potent products that boost the metabolism; therefore proper water intake is needed to help regulate the increased energy boost and to help replenish hydration in the body.


Compared to Phentermine and Adipex, this is where Phentramin-d clearly shines. The lack of serious side effects clearly makes it the better choice for me. I personally don’t want to take the risk of serious health problems but the choice is ultimately yours.

There are some side effects that are not common between both of these diet products. These side effects have been reported on websites such as WebMD and should be taken seriously if you are considering taking this diet pill.

This is why I personally recommend Phentrmain d over Phentermine; the side effects are few and far between and are nowhere as serious in nature.

For a full list of Phentermine side effects visit the WebMD page here.

Phentermine 37.5 – Physical

Using Phentermine 37.5 may also bring about physical side effects such as feeling mild chest pains and getting light headed. You might even get some swelling in your arms, legs and feet and possible allergic reactions due to some ingredients causing allergy. It also causes diarrhea, constipation, and upset stomachs. It should be known that this pill also affects a person’s sexual libido, which causes a low sex drive.

Phentermine 37.5 – Psychological

On the psychological side, Phentermine has side effects that should be noted as they may affect mental health. This pill is known to cause headaches, confusion, and lapses in memory as well as sudden mood swings, paranoia, and anxiety.


The efficiency of both of these diet pills depends on your willingness to put forth the effort and the amount of discipline that you are capable of following in losing weight. Both of these diet pills alone cannot lead to successful weight loss results.

This is why it has to be complemented with each of the following:

1. Follow a Proper Diet

Proper dieting is the first step in effectively using any weight loss supplement. You need to eat foods that are overall low in calories but give you all the nutrients that your body needs to sustain good health.

You must avoid junk food that is high in fat, sugar, white flour and empty calories at all cost. Your goal is to lose weight therefore, you must avoid junk food and opt for clean foods.

2. Maintain Proper Motivation

Motivation is the second key in losing weight. You must have a realistic weight loss goal set for yourself. If it is too grand, then it will not work no matter how hard you try.

You must then stick to this goal by getting motivated and STAYING MOTIVATED! Once you’ve achieved an attainable goal, you will then be able to set a bigger and better goal and go on to achieve even more. This is all up to you though!

3. Exercise Regularly

The third key is to weight loss success is exercise. It is not enough to diet alone. You must make your body work to burn calories, sweat and burn the fat. By doing this you also jump start your weight loss supplement that you are taking.

You will also find that you may now be stronger and have more endurance than usual because of supplements like either of the two discussed in this article. You may also improve your mood as you secrete serotonin as you sweat from working out.


Phentermine diet pills

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